Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Day A New Beginning

3:30 PM by sarah ·
This is it! My first day in class!

I woke up very early today since my first class will start at 8:30 AM. I need to get up together with my husband because he will send me to the college. It is expensive for me to go to school riding in a taxi or cab. It will only take us 10-15 minutes drive from home to school but it would be far for my husband going to his office.

Anyway, somehow rather i felt excited looking forward on my first day. I would be mixing with new and young faces through out the 3 year nursing classes. Its a nice feeling once again to be a student. Yes once again cause i already had my bachelor of science in forestry. I did my BS Forestry at Mindanao State University, Marawi City, Philippines, 1989 and graduated on 1994. Wow that was long ago. Yes and had my 10 years working experience in DENR, Philippines. Got married and have a kid....and now back to school again! Yepee!

Well, to make it short, until August 30, 2009 our class is concentrated on nursing orientation make us familiarize about what would be like in nursing world, language class for english and mandarin.

English language class is more about reviews of the basic English grammar, pronunciation and reading. While mandarin lecturer, teaches us the basic mandarin language where we can use it for our Chinese patients. This is the most challenging for me. Am poor in other language! Especially mandarin will make my tongue stiff.


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