Thursday, July 30, 2009

Imperfect and Funny Thursday!

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Mrs. Yanni gave us 4 crossword puzzles today. 3 of them are about animals and 1 is about nationality. It was a simple puzzle but no body got it perfect! You know why? We don't know an animal with spikes all over its body - a HEDGEHOG! I thought i would get a prize from her which she promise whoever got a perfect answer!

Our class with her today was fun! She group us into 6 groups. Each one of us were required to go the board and draw a picture representing a word or group of words which the group should identify. The group are very competitive and everybody got it right! What so funny about was the way we draw and she made funny comments on our drawings! She is a friendly lecturer after all!

On the afternoon class, Mrs. Siva group us again into 6 groups. The group were Emergency Ward, Labor Ward, Clinic, Psychiatric Ward, Giving Medicine and Out-Patient group. Each group should act according to the situation of the respective groups.

All of us were doing fine but the most funny group was the labor ward where they made Hafiz, deliver a baby.


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