Friday, January 29, 2010

Tips For Nurse Travelers

Here are meaningful tips for today's nurse travelers that i have found in nursing center site. This could be a great help for those nurses who wants to be a nurse traveler. Good luck!
  • BE FLEXIBLE – NOT RIGID - It is a key to getting your first or next assignment.
  • Interview your prospective travel companies, pick the one(s) that represent you and your values best.
  • Be open to the location, shift, unit, floor, floating and more. It shows your confident adaptability.
  • Clean concise, updated paper work, health and state specific requirements move your consideration up

  • Playing hard to get is not in your best interest, return calls promptly, be accessible, be eager to work.
  • Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Clients interview with your profile at hand but select based on listening to you and your responses.
  • Compare all the Benefits offered and understand their value added worth to you in a total compensation package.
  • Ability to make a decision once job has been offered. Say so, if you don’t want the assignment so others can be considered.
  • Once assigned, complete all requirements as requested; demonstrate your competency and professionalism.
  • Housing packages that include your unit, furniture and utilities can be company arranged or stipends offered and you find your own. Ask.
  • Cats, dogs and fish are all great pets but, not all will view “Man’s best friend” as a 100 lb pit bull. Your pet may not travel well. Be thoughtful of it.
  • Explore travel and join others who consider travel as a working vacation, others a lifestyle and still others, a second career or another way to consider a potential new home and job.
  • Whatever your view and reasons for a considering a travel assignment do offer your personal best and represent your profession well in each community. The best tip to remember is your legacy is the reputation you leave with each assignment but take with you as a reference for your next.


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